Second draftBelow is the draft of a post I began a little over a year ago but never published – or even finished.

I’m publishing it now (unrevised!) as a note-to-self that change is always possible, if you want it enough. One year on, the second draft of my novel is complete and with an editor, and at last I am content with the way my writing is going. If you’d told me that last spring, I would have laughed at the very notion.

Easy Does It (Draft Post From March 2014)

Is this the lamest writing target ever?

100 words. Per day.

You’d think that, filled with the joys of spring, I’d be forging ahead with my novel faster than ever. Not so, I’m afraid.

It’s hard to believe that I once wrote 10,000 words in 10 hours – though that surge back in 2012 is at the root of the present go-slow almost two years later.

That marathon (for me!) writing stint was the last, desperate race to meet another target: finish the first draft of my novel by the end of July. I did, with literally minutes to spare, but what I gained in word count I lost in description, dialogue and character development.

I can say from experience that it’s possible to write too fast!

That first draft was finished, but far from complete – and I’m paying for it now, as I slog through endless revisions requiring not so much editing as new writing, and even new plotting.

Though of course, they won’t really be endless. Even at the funereal rate of 100 words per day, I know I will finish eventually. Which makes me happy – what more can I say?

But as that final paragraph shows, it wasn’t all doom and gloom back in those dark days of 2014. I did, at least, glimpse a ray of hope for the future. And for perhaps the first time in my writing life, that hope was justified.



Getting In The Spirit

by Wendy A.M. Prosser on Monday 17 November 2014

SpiritualityEvidence that superstitious woo can infect the hardest-headed tomes: I was reading a diabetes management book packed with practical advice on coping with the physical and emotional consequences of the condition, when the authors suddenly started banging on about how we mustn’t neglect our “spiritual” side.

OK, they did concede (once, and very briefly) that being spiritual doesn’t necessarily mean doing religion, but when they listed their action plan, what was number one? You guessed it: prayer. Swiftly followed by “visit your place of worship”. Their thesis being that people with chronic illness can put their problems into perspective – and presumably find meaning in the vagaries of life – by the simple means of acknowledging the existence of something greater than them.

It’s not just these particular authors or this particular book, of course. The notion is widespread – pretty much taken for granted – that our lives will be improved if we attend to the spiritual, if we believe there exists “out there” something bigger and better than our puny little selves.

At the risk of sounding bigheaded (and let’s face it, we humans are already far too arrogant for own – or anyone else’s – good), why should there be anything greater than us (or any one of the trillion other living beings with which we share this planet)? And why can’t we live a fulfilled life without it? What is it within ourselves that we lack? Doesn’t it denigrate us all, believing we are somehow less than… less than what, exactly?

If there is something greater than each one of us, maybe it’s the fact that we have, as a species, arrived at a stage in our evolution where we can (begin to) understand the Universe in which we live and appreciate our (minuscule) place in it.

Our collective curiosity, our will to knowledge, our capacity for scientific enquiry… surely that is something worth looking up to.

Or as I like to think of it, a non-spiritual way to nurture the spirit.

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Thought For The Week

by Wendy A.M. Prosser Sunday 5 October 2014

An unhealthy habit I have: fear of other people’s opinions of me. This holds me back from doing what I want, saying what I think, being who I am, achieving my dreams. But it’s never too late to change. I don’t even like most other people that much, for goodness sake. Why should I care […]

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Not The Writing Process Blog Hop

by Wendy A.M. Prosser Sunday 14 September 2014
Thumbnail image for Not The Writing Process Blog Hop

I feel really mean. Many months ago, Kari Ann Ramadorai (visit her website here) very kindly nominated me to pen a post for the Writing Process Blog Hop. It should have appeared in March; now it’s September, and still nothing. I hate to be unreliable and I feel bad for letting Kari Ann down (though […]

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Spring Forwards: Seven Quotations That Sum Up The Season

by Wendy A.M. Prosser Friday 21 March 2014
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Never mind the weathermen – for me spring begins, not on the 1st of March but at the Equinox, that potent symbol of life and rebirth, when the days become longer than the nights. In celebration of all things vernal (and surely not because I’m feeling a bit lazy this week), I am handing over […]

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Is There A Right Way To Write?

by Wendy A.M. Prosser Friday 14 March 2014
Stop sign

The day after last week’s post on how to get started with your writing even when you don’t want to, up popped the following in my Twitter stream:         Or keep off Twitter and reading other folk’s blogs. If you don’t feel compelled to write consider why. I can’t stop This raised […]

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How To Be Really Productive And Gets Loads Done #2: Get Started

by Wendy A.M. Prosser Friday 7 March 2014
Thermodynamic stability

I posted here a few weeks ago about how I (re)kick-started my writing so-called career by the simple act of getting up an hour earlier each day. Maybe you’ve done the same, or tweaked your daily schedule in some other way to gain time. If you did, you now have opportunities to write that you […]

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Whatever Next? Or, Is There More Than One Book In Me?

by Wendy A.M. Prosser Friday 28 February 2014

The more eagle-eyed among you may have noticed that this week I passed the 80,000 word mark on the second draft of my WiP. The end is nigh(ish) With the achievement of that small milestone, it occurred to me that I might one day actually reach the end of this book. After which, of course, […]

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Spitting Images

by Wendy A.M. Prosser Friday 21 February 2014
Baby Bagpuss and Khufu

Hubby pointed out to me the spooky resemblance between Frida and Agnetha’s (clearly very popular) T-shirts in this 1975 Abba clip: and those lovable rapscallions Baby Bagpuss and Khufu: (ignore the photobomber; he is merely a hot-water bottle cover). Puts me in mind of this: this: this: and even this: – what do you think? […]

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The Greatest Love Of All

by Wendy A.M. Prosser Friday 14 February 2014
Paper hearts

It’s Valentine’s Day and, in the words of another pop-tastic chart-topper, Love Is All Around. Now, I’m not suggesting you neglect your significant other on this day of all days, but after the celebrations are over, why not take out some quality time this weekend to indulge yourself, not in who you love, but in […]

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