That Sinking Feeling

by Wendy A.M. Prosser on Sunday 1 July 2012


Yesterday I left my WiP at exactly 50,000 words. A nice round number ready for today’s start of the big push to reach 120,000 words (or thereabouts) during the next 31 days.

It’s highly annoying to look back to early May and see me showering myself with self-congratulations after writing 1500 or 1600 words in a day. “That’s NaNoWriMo pace!” I crowed. Indeed it was, and if I’d kept it up I would have finished this first draft with time to spare. Unfortunately (and typically for me), I did not, and will now have to work at more than twice the rate I originally set myself to finish by my 31 July deadline.

The moral? In writing, as in life, never get complacent!

Euro 2012 finishes today, which will remove one distraction (though Wimbledon continues). However, on the invitation of a Facebook friend (thanks Mike! :/), I’ve created another time sink by signing up for Klout. I just adore anything with lists and statistics and rankings, so this was surely a dangerous move!

I was a bit disappointed when my initial score was just 10, then got hooked once my data had worked its way through the system and I suddenly leapt to 44 (pleasingly not massively behind people I consider genuinely interesting and influential). Now I’m checking every few hours (though I’m pretty sure the site doesn’t update that often!) and am getting obsessive over changes as small of a couple of hundredths of a point.

Shiny New Toy syndrome most definitely. I’m sure (or do I hope?) the novelty will wear off eventually…

Image by Uwe Kils


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