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These Hands Were Made For Making

I’ve always loved reading and learning new things. If only the internet had been around when I was little! (Or maybe not – I struggled to find reasons to leave my bedroom as it was.) Even then, though, when I didn’t have my nose buried in an atlas or encyclopaedia I invariably had something crafty on the go – often several projects at a time.

Knitting, crochet, macramé, embroidery, tapestry, sewing soft toys and clothes for dolls, basketry, origami, sketching, painting-by-numbers, Potter’s Wheel, Spirograph, a kiddie’s lapidary set – and another where you entombed random small items in plastic resin then turned them into key rings, necklaces and the like, weaving, candle-making, Airfix kits, good old-fashioned proper Lego… You name it, I made it.

It occurred to me the other day just how long it’s been since I last created something non-edible with my hands. Where did all that exuberant, non-self-judgemental invention go? And is its loss in any way linked to my current, chronic creative constipation? (Gotta love that alliteration.)

To answer those questions – and recapture, perhaps, a little bit of a big part of my youth – I’ve decided to try a spot of jewellery-making, one of the few crafts I haven’t attempted before. I’ve ordered a set of essentials (“cheap and cheerful”, “suitable for beginners”, they say), which should be here in time for the weekend. I’m already itching to get started, which must be a good sign!

Coming soon: endless blurry photos of wonky earring and pendant sets…Ì