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Khufu’s Latest Catch

Khufu’s prey of choice is usually long and thin – think ribbons, shoelaces, plastic seals from around the lids of hummus pots… the more two-dimensional the better. And being sentimental types, we save each and every one of his prizes when he’s finished playing with them and store them all in a keepsake box.

I’m just thankful we don’t have snakes in the garden. (Our earthworms, however, must live in perpetual terror.)

The other day our cuddly nemesis of all things extended presented me with what appeared to be a bit of leftover frankfurter sausage. Which presumably was once much longer and thinner than it appears in the video above. Though maybe it wasn’t left over at all, and Khufu had nicked and eaten most of someone’s lunch. Whatever, this was one ‘kill’ that didn’t make it into the box.

Note that this a pedigree Burmese we’re talking about, reduced to grubbing around in people’s bin bags.

I blame the parents.Ì