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Those Who Will Not Hear…

I’ve always (since the invention of cameras in phones, anyway) had an urge to collect and curate odd/unhelpful/incomprehensible signage. It’s right up there on the must-have-a-go hobby scale with collecting images of White Plastic Chairs Of The World (of which more anon – maybe).

So to kick things off, here’s one I made earlier. The photo below was taken last year at a Hans Zimmer Live on Tour concert at The SSE Arena, Wembley.

Note the word “concert” here. Concert, as in music. Music that might be quiet at times, loud at others, but mostly in between, probably.

The Big Question: Who pays good money to go to a concert, then sits through it wearing earplugs? (Though actually, the rest of it does sound pretty dangerous.)Ì

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