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Mmmm… Shiny

I’ve been battling (mostly without success) a particularly severe bout of Shiny New Idea syndrome this week. You might recognize this affliction even if you don’t know the name, the chief symptom being a recurring, non-evidence-based, productivity-crushing conviction that your latest scheme out-glistens all the older projects you had on the go, which now seem as dull as dishwater by comparison.

Coupled with chronic perfectionitis, this makes for a perfect storm of Not Getting Anywhere Fast (NGAF).

The origin of the current outbreak (only the most recent of a very lengthy series) is the all-new website I’ve been building, to be launched some time soonish, maybe. Though rather more ‘maybe’ than ‘soonish’, I fear, for I’ve been simultaneously laid low by a near-terminal bout of perfectionitis.

Problem is, I find the designing bit – choosing layouts, colours, plugins etc. – so much more fun than the writing (which I’ve barely started). I’m starting to think I might have missed my vocation many years ago when I chose to work with words, not pausing to consider that I might like pictures better.

But now I’ve descended so far down the NGAF rabbit-hole, I’m thinking of declaring a moratorium on tweaking the visuals until I’ve forced myself to generate some content. I want to attract actual, real people onto this new site (unlike the present one, obviously), so ‘all style and zero substance’ just isn’t an option.Ì

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