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Well I Never #1

I’ve been decluttering my workspace lately, and was on eBay looking for a “device stand” to hold my gadgets – when up popped this somewhat unexpected portable toilet.

My first reaction: Someone, somewhere makes, sells – and buys – these things???

Thinking about it, though, this vaguely rude-looking pink plastic funnel is a genius invention. So incredibly simple, yet so hugely useful (even if it won’t help keep my desk tidy)!

Or maybe I am just easily impressed.

Whatever, it would’ve transformed my student days. No more holding on for hours when punting up the Cherwell, or discovering too late that that secluded hedgerow is anything but. Life would have been so much more comfortable and with so much less potential for embarrassment.

If only the “Stand Up & Pee Female Urination Device” had been around 30 years ago. Kids today don’t know how lucky they are!Ì

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